Something Malicious is brewing… I’ve been pondering if I were Perhaps Yohane since like… 2019. Though I didn’t seriously acknowledge this until recently in God’s year of 2024.

I’ve always longed for the Idol Life. It was a serious obsession in my early teens. I wanted to sing and dance. To inspire. To be beautiful and shiny. (I still do…but I’m DISABLED and I think I would fall over and die if I tried to dance consistently.) It’s embarrassing considering the stigma around idol anime. (The stigma is that it sucks.) And it’s also embarrassing because I’m fucking Yohane of all idol girlies. But, I’ve always found immense comfort in Love Live! Sunshine!! Those girls are practically my real life friends. They’ve got me through some of the worst points of my life. This identity as a whole just makes me feel really good. It puts me back in that state of mind I used to obsess over. Being happy and luminescent.

I suppose this is somewhat of a meta kintype. Insisting that you are something nonhuman while those around you force humanity upon you. Never being able to shake off that one aspect of your existence you so desperately want to be free from but cannot visualize yourself without. To shine despite it all, learning to love your weirdo traits.

So, descend with me. Embrace yourself for who you are.