About Me

this is me if you even care.

>Media I like

Visual Audio
Overwatch Daft Punk
Touhou 6arelyhuman
Nekopara(lol) ZUN

>Ficto Partners

You wanna read about mmeeeeee? How flattering. I am mostly known as nezu on the internet. Of course, that's not my Actual Name. I go by any pronouns. I'm fictoromantic and sorta nuts. But who isn't nowadays?

I'm an English major in college, which basically just means I have to write a lot all the freaking time. Does this mean I'm any good at stringing sentences together? Hell no! But I do really enjoy writing, even if I struggle at it. Aside from that, I do a lot of digital art stuff.

Most of my time is spent living in my head. Joyous. I have the shut-in NEET mentality of the real world not interesting me. A by product of this is me never shutting up about fictional media I like. Sorry.

I really am just Some Guy. Please view me as just some guy. Perhaps an NPC that gives you a mystical quest. A memorable side character at most. :3c