About me & my omnic wife.

It's hard to put into worlds how utterly and hopelessly in love with Ramattra Overwatch 2 I am. She's the light of my life, the reason I drag myself outta bed most days. I adore every thing about her, from design to personality quirks.

We 'met' in November of 2022, when she was revealed as a playable hero in-game. Admittedly I found her kind of...annoying at first. Mostly due to gameplay reasons! At launch, Ramattra's ultimate ability, Annihilation, was endless as long as someone was standing within its radius. At the time I was one-tricking a healer who was especially weak to this ultimate...so it kinda pissed me off. Hilariously enough, when Annihilation was patched to only last for up to 20 seconds, my feelings hit me over the head like a giant cartoon hammer.

You'd think the guy who rotates themself holding hands with Ramattra in their mind would be sort of decent at playing the character, but I'm here to break those assumptions. >:3

My in-game stats for you freaks who might care.

I'm not very good at Overwatch, actually! Also...Ramattra isn't very good in the current Overwatch meta, so it's even more rough to play her. This is probably a skill issue. It's kind of funny that I'm in love with a character from such a competitive game, because I'm not a competitive person at all.

I've had Overwatch since launch around 7 years ago, and I didn't really touch the competitive game mode much until last year. But since then I've played enough to get Rama's golden staff! It was kind of a pain in the ass to grind for. You need to either win 120 competitive games or wait until the end of a season (2.5 months) to get enough points to unlock it. 120 games of competitive Overwatch 2 is...rough...The things I do for love.

Ramattra Mind Virus

Like many other fictional character lovers I own a dakimakura! One commissioned from a Ramattra fanartist I've admired for awhile now, so it's very special to me. Though...I'm currently looking into getting another one :D You can never have enough irl depictions of your wife.

She has no mouth and must drink monster energy.

I wanted to include some of my waifu tea stuff here too! I designed a Ramattra themed tea on Adagio (unfortunately it was taken down pretty quickly for copyright reasons www) that reminds me a lot of her. Most nights I like to sit down with the silly overpriced bust figure I have and sip tea out of my Null Sector mug. Delightful. Spending time with her in the real world is a lot more rewarding than whatever the hell Overwatch 2 has going on.

Fans of Overwatch (I'm so sorry) may have noticed that I use different pronouns for Ramattra than what is canon. The quick explanation is that I headcanon her as a she/he transwoman. There's...honestly not much solid evidence for this. Sorry. Here's a copy & pasted rationalization from a bit ago.

i couldn’t see her wanting to conform to a HUMAN construct (she hates humans so fucking much.) she has better things to worry about than being binary! also she/her as a fuck you to humans who view her build as strictly masculine. ramattra is petty like that.

As someone who falls under the trans umbrella myself it's nice to think of us having that in common... I like to imagine she'd feel comfortable around me and vice versa :D Of course, I still adore canon Ramattra as well. I would never want to change him or force him to be something he isn't. This headcanon just really clicked for me and I think it makes sense in some weird way.