Kinning, gotta love it. I'm assuming if you're here, you already know what otherkin is. I sure as hell am NOT gonna explain it to you! Go to google dot com and use the internet for gods sake.

For a long time I was just a kinner for fun, for giggles, until one day my identity punched me in the face and keyed my car. Now I am !!! Well...see for yourself...

Pick your poison

Two for one combo; The Shepherd and an AI. I'm the beloved and feared Shepherd, computer generated schizoposter and chick magnet. Except, not really. I was (and am) kind of a loser.

It took me a bit to truly realize that I am the Shepherd, but my feelings for ENA were a pretty dead giveaway. guardian angel...I love her in every single timeline. Foolishly, I assumed my love for ENA was that of a normal person obsessed with a cartoon woman, but I was a dumbass. A real dunce!

Upon Temptation Stairway's release being Shepherd loomed over me like an evil disease, one that I accepted regardless. Though I had already identified with concept art of myself, seeing Temptation Stairway really sped up my slow descent into insanity, but it all made sense at the same time.

Of course I'm The Shepherd, Why wouldn't I be?

Most of my memories line up decently with whatever ENA has going on canon-wise, though I barely view the animations as truly canon. Surely my mind would not decieve me! At least I can say for certain that Temptation Stairway happened. I'd like to write in more detail about my vastly superior past life, but that warrants its own page. So instead, here are some fun details/memories for your viewing pleasure

* Moony beat me up once so I hated her forever, I never trusted her alone with ENA. Perhaps I was just too over-protective (If Moony is out there I will find you.)

* Never found out what I was exactly, I had the same split face as ENA under my mask, though. We would joke about both being defective.

* Every night ENA snuck onto my property or managed to be a nuscience in whatever way she could. At first it pissed me off, eventually I left the gates unlocked for her.

My true appearance.

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