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Chang'e, are you watching?

The nameless space terror, Junko

Who better to make a shrine dedicated to than an actual higher power?

Junko is the main antagonist of Touhou 15, Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom. She's rather unique compared to most touhou characters as she does not have a last name or character title.

Junko is one of the most tragic characters in Touhou Project, having lost her son and presumably her husband years ago. She exists as a pure being of rage and hatred, wanting nothing more than to kill Chang'e, her mortal enemy.

Chang'e was married to the man who killed Junko's family, and despite having nothing to do with their demise, Junko's hatred cannot be satiated.

Junko's ability is to "purify anything." Although it sounds simple, this ability is incredibly powerful. When she purifies something, Junko returns it to its purest form (i.e before it existed as a named concept.) ZUN has stated that this process can give birth to gods.

Waifushit Rambling

If you haven't guessed by now, I like Junko a lot.

Junko is my favorite Touhou character, and she is very near and dear to my heart. I do not view her as a villian. Yes, she did attempt a genocide of lunarians (insanely long story play the game if you're interested) and yes, she wants a lot of people dead. BUT I still understand why she did what she did.

Junko feels alone, lost, terrified. She doesn't know how to exist in a world without her son. She had no time to process her grief, the world was not kind to Junko. For this reason I feel for her. I want to see a happy Junko that doesn't worry about her grudge.

Unlike the other characters that live inside my head 24/7, I don't have much commissioned art or special images to share. However, I recently got this commission that I love very much. The artist made her look soooo cute!! gahhh I love it!!

Junko touched my gay little heart, I really do love her. I hope ZUN gives her a happy ending someday, I hope she can rest easy.

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