Kinning, gotta love it. I'm assuming if you're here, you already know what otherkin is. I sure as hell am NOT gonna explain it to you! Go to google dot com and use the internet for gods sake.

For a long time I was just a kinner for fun, for giggles, until one day my identity punched me in the face and keyed my car. Now I am !!! Well...see for yourself...

Pick your poison

Gee Shepherd how come you get to be two Touhou girls?

Carefully, that is my answer. I simply am Flandre, but not the bastardized loli ugu so kawaii Flandre. I'm the Flandre that barely resembles a human, alone in the basement for a reason.

Memories of the Scarlet Devil Mansion seem to frequently elude me, but just barely. I still remember how my wings felt, how they sounded like little bells jingling in the wind. I also enjoy seeing fanart of the mansion's residents, they were my family once.

It was pronounced like FRANDOLL, but I still say FLANDRE out loud these days.