Fictosexuality & Waifuism

Self-Shipping. Waifuism. Yumejoshis. Whatever you wanna call it. Loving characters more than a normal person would!! Something I’ve always been afflicted with. If you’re reading this and you have no concept of fictolove, let me share a bit of my experiences on the matter.

I met ENA (from the webseries of the same name) in 2020, and ever since I’ve loved her as you would a real person. Most people around me in the real world view me as ‘the ENA guy’ or something similar. Though, I doubt they fully understand how deep the cringe iceberg goes. (PROBABLY FOR THE BEST.)

At the end of 2022 I met Ramattra (from Overwatch 2) and found myself in the same situation as before. Albeit, I hesitated in accepting it for some time. If you know anything about Blizzard Entertainment and Overwatch’s failings then you’ll get it. But I eventually realized that was a stupid reason to push my feelings away. So here I am, going strong with my two weed-smoking gfs.

Dating fictional characters has been a major part of my life for a good 5 or so years now. Even before that I was more inclined to spend time in fictional worlds thinking about fictional broads. I’d like to say it makes me very happy, but honestly it’s challenging. Once you finally sort everything out and say to yourself ‘OK! I love you and we’re dating now!’, you have to stare reality dead in the eyes and realize you’re a little weird. And most of society will never acknowledge or accept your relationship. Oh, and the one you love doesn’t actually exist in a tangible way. Things get even more complicated when you’re ALSO dating a real life person alongside 2d women. I think I’ve got the dynamic down, but man, it’s odd. My love life is comedically strange.

Aside from my two wives, I’ve been attached to several other characters throughout the years. I initially joined waifuism communities with Piers from Pokemon Sword and Shield. There were a few more over the years…Some notable exes including Patrick Bateman (American Psycho), Robo-Fortune (Skullgirls), and Montgomery Gator (FNAF), who I actually still like a lot and imagine we drink beers together and watch football. I’m pretty bad at making up my mind when it comes to who I love, haha… Regardless, I hope to stay with ENA and Ramattra for a long time.

If you’re wondering what it’s like to date someone fictional…That sort of thing is different for everyone. For me, it’s mostly about bridging the massive gap the best I can. My partners are my muses. I write and draw about them constantly. I do my best to ‘spend time with them,’ even if it’s something menial like staring at pictures longingly. Dakimakuras (body pillows) help too, really any sort of irl depictions of them makes me happy to have around. It’s hard to put into words how much of a massive part of my life they are. I really do consider them to be on the same level as a human partner…

Rambling aside, I think fictolove is really beautiful. I spend a lot of time in communities where people express their love and adoration for characters, which is lovely to see. I’ve made a lot of great friends through talking to other fictional character likers. It’s something I wish was more widely understood. Though, I don’t think that sort of thing will happen anytime soon.