Kinning, gotta love it. I'm assuming if you're here, you already know what otherkin is. I sure as hell am NOT gonna explain it to you! Go to google dot com and use the internet for gods sake.

For a long time I was just a kinner for fun, for giggles, until one day my identity punched me in the face and keyed my car. Now I am !!! Well...see for yourself...

Pick your poison

Oh how I love ignoring ZUN's delicately crafted lore, only to replace it with shoddy memories held together with bandaids and bubblegum.

Being Byakuren is pretty ironic, considering that I'm viewed as some sort of Youkai Jesus Christ in the Touhou Fandom. I find it simultaneously hilarious yet bleak that everyone ignores my evil and fucked up tendencies. I was never an actual Buddhist, it was all for looks baby! Don't try to cover up your dark magician crimes under the guise of being a Buddhist Monk, worst mistake of my life.

Almost EVERYTHING I remember about being Byakuren straight up doesn't happen in Touhou canon, or is a massive reach. Thankfully, I don't care. It happened in my mind therefore its real :) My name wasn't Byakuren and I wasn't Japanese, I had no intention of being a savior it just kinda happened. (I'd be lying if meeting Murasa, Shou, and Ichirin didn't actually inspire me to be Youkai Christ though...)

Aside from general Touhou stuff and my silly memories, I see myself in magicians a lot. Reminds me of my past as a practitioner of the dark arts...