"Nice to meet you, everyone. I’m Ayumu Uehara. Uh, since this is the first time I’ve written up a message that can reach everyone like this, I’m a little nervous, and my heart is beating quickly.

But, since being a school idol is a dream that I want to reach for with an important friend, I’ll live up to my name, and we’ll try our best at making our way—step by step—towards fulfilling this dream! I still don’t have much experience with singing or dancing, and my looks are rather... ordinary? Even so, uh, well, since my specialty is working hard, please cheer me on! I’ll be in your care!"

Why did you start being a school idol?

"To be honest, I wasn’t really good with doing things in front of people, but an important friend taught me about school idols. She’s playing a supporting role to me right now, but we have the same goal, and when she talks about reaching for that dream, it makes me very, very happy...!!"

Being honest, what are your appeal points as a school idol?

"Appeal points, huh...? My friends would say that 'she puts her all into everything', but anyone can be like that, you know.

And when I look at the others, I think that I really have to practice singing and dancing more... Ah, when it comes to my desire to delight our fans, I think I won’t lose to anyone on that front! I definitely can’t lose to anyone there."

From now on, what activities do you want to do as a school idol?

"A live show! After all, it’s an opportunity to get close to our fans, so I think it really is important!

Becoming one with our fans, creating a dream-like atmosphere with our concert... wouldn’t that be a wonderful experience!"