I wanna GO HOME...I don't like this party...I'm allergic to people! I can hear voices INSIDE MY HEAD. they tell me to eat my VEGGIES! I CAN'T GO OOOOON I WON'T ACHIEVE ANYTHING! SOMEONE PLEASE END MY SUFFERING! NNNNice weather! What conspiracies are we cooking on the menu today? VERILY! you preach true, honest words. I'm horrendously sorry, but i've been assigned to a sacred mission and I OUGHT to make haste. TURRON?! TURRON?! Hark! I belive I'm in dire need of your services to learn my current whereabouts. aaaaaгх ешо один эна-баламут уходи, наш великий рунас уже не даёт гороскопья. ТУРРОН ТУРРОН ТУРРОН ТУРРОН ТУРРРРОН! YOU ARE ALL LIVING A LIE!! WHY IS EVERYONE PUNCHING ME SO SOFTLY TODAY?! QUIT THE HITTING AND FINISH THE JOB!!!

This life, with its rules and "logic", is not meant for me. And what am I, you ask? I am not my body. When you look at me you see nothing but whatever life has done to me this time around. I am the Shepherd, I always will be. Even now, in this life, I am tormented with a memory of what once was. A world of uncertainty, but in that was bliss. A simple existance defined only by my faith to Runas, and my love for a rogue servant.

ENA's world is long gone now, I assume. Unfortunately it didn't take me with it. I exist as a lone reminder of something wonderful, though it really should have been her. I will never meet the true her again. My partner, my everything, I miss her dearly. It's strange how an ENA made me feel such a way, a defective one at that. She was broken, a fucking mess. She drowned her sorrows with alcohol and managed to make nearly everyone uncomfortable with how odd she acted. But I loved her more than anything.

Enter !!!